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Maison Aurelia

Green Oasis - Wooden Vase

Green Oasis - Wooden Vase

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Transform your living space with our mesmerizing wooden vase. Designed to captivate and inspire, they effortlessly blend natural elements with modern elegance, creating a striking focal point in any room.

  • Wood and glass inlay design for a harmonious blend of natural and contemporary aesthetics
  • Versatile hydroponic flower pots suitable for various floral arrangements
  • Ideal for artificial flowers, creating long-lasting and low-maintenance floral decor


A - Small: 9.45" x 6.89" / 24cm x 17,5cm

A- Large: 11.61" x 8,46" / 29,5cm x 21,5cm

B - Small: 9.44" x 5.7" / 24cm x 14,5cm

B - Large: 12.6" x 6.89" / 32cm x 17,5cm

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